These are replacement handle for vintage waterless stainless steel cookware. The handles are engineering in the USA by Nunuware®. They are non-OEM parts that are compatible with the following vintage cookware that were made between 1950's to 1990's. 

Long handles: Amway Queen, Flavorite, Emdeko, Duncan Hines, Seal-O-matic, Society, Wonder Ware, Dine Rite, Prudential Ware, Camelot, Colonial, Cook-o-matic, Cordon Bleu, Crown Regent, Del Glo, Dreamware, Gracious Living, HomeEC, Homemakers Guild, Karen Ware, Magic Maid, Maxam, NeoLife Plexcore, Odyssey, Old World, Seal Rite, Shir Life, Ecko Flintware, Saladmaster 5-star (our new version 2 will fit other Saladmaster models). They may fit some other brands manufactured by West Bend Regal Ware.

Short handles: Amway Queen, Camelot, Cordon Bleu, Del Glo, Duncan Hines, Emdeko, Golden Line, Kitchen Queen, Maxam, NeoLife Plexcore, Olde World, Seal Rite, Shir Life, Society, Wonder Ware and Saladmaster 12 Qt stock pot (not other Saladmaster pot size).